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GHMC launches ‘WOW’ clubs

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The Hindu         20.07.2017  

GHMC launches ‘WOW’ clubs

It encourages kids to segregate waste

To encourage segregation of waste right from a young age, a new initiative involving schoolchildren was launched on Tuesday.

Around 2,000 ‘WOW’ clubs, a project initiated by the GHMC and ITC, will work with the motive of educating and inculcating civic sense among children to spread the message and also achieve ‘Swachh Hyderabad’.

The clubs were launched by GHMC Mayor B. Rammohan and Commissioner B. Janardhan Reddy in the presence of public representatives and higher officials.

The Mayor said that the ‘WOW’ clubs will help children realise their full potential and prepare them for a healthy adult life, which can contribute to the growth of the nation. He said that they can be active participants in the solid waste management system.

Each WOW club will be formed with 100 to 150 children.


Delhi asked to bring in waste mechanism

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The Hindu       20.07.2017  

Delhi asked to bring in waste mechanism

The NGT took note of ‘mountain dumps’ of garbage at landfills in the city.File photo  

Call meeting immediately: NGT to Delhi

A Bench headed by NGT chairperson Justice Swatanter Kumar has ordered the Chief Secretary of the Delhi government to call a meeting immediately and draft a mechanism that will help reduce accumulation of waste, which has risen to over 50 feet in height at some landfill sites.

Reduce dumps

“We direct the Chief Secretary, NCT Delhi, to hold a meeting immediately and submit a report with regard to dumped waste at Bhalswa, Okhla and Ghazipur, and complete clarification in that behalf including reduction in huge dumps and utility of the waste deposited at these sites. Complete methodology and process to be adopted in this regard should be specified,” the Bench said.

The matter has been fixed for next hearing on July 25.

Not the first reminder

Noting that Delhi generated over 14,000 tonnes of garbage a day, the tribunal had earlier rapped the Delhi government for lack of infrastructure to deal with “mountain dumps” of decaying garbage at landfill sites in the city.


Over 60,000 house visits to check mosquito-breeding sites

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The Hindu       20.07.2017   

Over 60,000 house visits to check mosquito-breeding sites

Real picture:The brackish waters of the Poisar river make for an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes.Rajendra GawankarRajendra Gawankar  

BMC issued 8,744 notices, collected Rs. 20,04,600 in fines

Days after Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) issued a notice to NGO Praja Foundation for alleged misinterpretation of facts in its latest health report, which claimed that dengue cases have seen a massive rise of 265% in Mumbai in the last five years, the civic body on Wednesday released information on the action it had taken to check the spread of dengue.

The BMC said that the Public Health Department had conducted inspections to check breeding places for the disease spreading mosquitoes from January 1 to July 15, this year. As per the report, the BMC made 62,43,597 house visits during these past six months and issued 8,744 notices to owners of premises with unprotected water tanks, wells, fountains and so on. It collected Rs. 20,04,600 in fines from notices issued for not adhering to safety standards.

“There were 7,586 places where the larva of Aedes Agypti, also known as the yellow fever mosquito, one that can spread dengue fever, chikungunya, Zika fever, Mayaro and yellow fever viruses. In 2,674 places, the BMC team found larvae of the malaria causing Anopheles mosquitoes. These breeding sites have now been eliminated,” Dr. Rajan Naringrekar, pesticide officer of the BMC, said.

The BMC also appealed to the citizens of Mumbai to destroy all useless scrap material like tyres, thermocol, coconut remains and plastic as water is stored in them and they become breeding grounds for infectious mosquitoes.

It takes eight days for the larva to turn into mosquitoes, hence the BMC has said that water should not be stored for more than seven days in utensils or other storage places and people should ensure that water tanks are cleaned every week.

On July 13, deputy municipal commissioner (public health), Sunil Dhamne and executive health officer, BMC, Dr. Padmaja Keskar had issued a notice to NGO Praja Foundation for its report ‘State of Health of Mumbai,’ saying that the same ‘misinterpreted’ facts and was ‘misleading’ and was an attempt to malign the image of the civic body. The NGO, a watchdog of civic affairs, had in its report released on July 12, claimed that dengue cases have spiralled from 4,867 in 2012-13 to 17,771 in 2016-17.

In the notice issued on Friday, the BMC said, “It appears from the report that the whole aim of the exercise has been to malign the public body and mislead the citizens at large.” The BMC threatened action against the NGO if a public clarification is not issued by them. “It seems that you have done random collection of data from health facilities and added it, making it vague,” it stated.


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