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CM to commission major water project on June 11

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Source : The Hindu Date : 03.06.2009

CM to commission major water project on June 11

Special Correspondent

It will serve people in three districts: Minister

RAMANATHAPURAM: Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi would commission the Ramanathapuram Combined Drinking Water Project here on June 11, said S. Thangavelan, Minister for Slum Clearance and Accommodation Control, here on Tuesday.

Deputy Chief Minister M.K. Stalin would dedicate the project implemented at a cost of Rs. 618 crore to the people.

The project, for which foundation stone was laid on January 30, 2007 at Paramakudi, had been completed within a record time. It was completed in accordance with the direction given by the Chief Minister to complete the project as early as possible.

Mr. Thangavelan said that the project would bring great relief to the people of Ramanathapuram district, who were struggling with the drinking water crisis for many decades.

It would meet the drinking water needs of five municipalities, 11 town panchayats and 3,163 hamlets of Ramanathapuram, Sivaganga and Pudukottai districts.

As many as 16 lakh people would stand to benefit from the project.

Last Updated on Thursday, 04 June 2009 06:17

Hogenakkal Project to start in October

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Source : The Hindu Date : 03.06.2009

Hogenakkal Project to start in October

Staff Reporter

DHARMAPURI: As announced by Deputy Chief Minister M.K. Stalin, the Integrated Hogenakkal Drinking Water Project will kick-start in October 2009, Ms. Supriya Sahoo, Project Director, said here on Tuesday.

Ms. Sahoo was here to conduct a spot survey. She held discussions with the district administration and gave details about the implementation of the project to local representatives at a meeting at the collectorate She informed them about preparedness to supply water to all hamlets in Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri districts.


The project work would be undertaken on a war footing and completed in December 2012. Ms. Sahoo said 11,000- km long pipelines would be erected in these districts to facilitate water supply without any hindrance. These pipelines would link the current water supply link at the village panchayat level.

A 240-lakh litre giant overhead water tank (OHT) would be constructed at Madam in Dharmapuri district as Master Balancing Reservoir (MBR) to store water for supply to the MBRs in blocks and panchayats. Fluoride content in the ground water in Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri districts is between seven to nine mg per litre.

A separate project called Fluoride Mitigation Project would be launched soon to identify the fluoride level in the ground water at various locations, Ms. Sahoo said.

Last Updated on Thursday, 04 June 2009 06:07

GIS Systems Helps Chennai Corporation ears Rs.70 cr more

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Source : The Business Line Date : 09.03.2009

GIS system helps Chennai Corpn earn Rs 70 cr more

Correct assessment of commercial property tax.

Mr Rajesh Lakhoni

M Ramesh
S Bridget Leena

Chennai, March 8 Backed by technology, the Corporation of Chennai has earned Rs 70 crore more this financial year only through correct assessment of commercial property tax.

A GIS-based application has helped the Corporation of Chennai ensure that commercial establishments in its jurisdiction state the extent of their property correctly for the purpose of paying property tax.

“It helped us control under-assessment,” says Mr Rajesh Lakhoni, Corporation’s Commissioner. In 2007-08, it collected Rs 230 crore from property tax levies; in the current year, it expects to secure at least Rs 300 crore.

He said that the corporation has got an agency to map 40 sq km of Chennai city. It expects to get the other 140 sq km done by June, after which it would have a high-resolution digital map of the city, “upon which we plan to run several exiting applications.”

These maps are made by film-shoots from low flying aircraft. Hence they are much better in resolution than, say, Google Earth.

Once the project is over, many initiatives are possible, Mr Lakhoni said. For example, prepaid car services can calculate the exact distance between two locations and charge the customer accordingly.

The corporation has also seen windfall revenues from another stream: advertisements from the new bus shelters. The corporation has been pulling down existing shelters and building new, flashy ones, with considerable space for advertisements. In the current year, the corporation is sure of getting Rs 30 crore from advertisers.

Unfortunately, the corporation could not similarly replicate this model on its proposed foot-over-bridge plan. Earlier, the plan was to put up a series of foot-over-bridges across main roads with escalators, so that pedestrians could cross over easily.

Advertisements Act

A view of the Ripon Building which houses the Corporation of Chennai

This is because under the Advertisements Act, hoardings cannot be put up, except on utilities, public conveniences and bus shelters. It is not quite clear why it is alright for a bus shelter to carry a hoarding and a similar activity can’t be done on a foot-over-bridge.

Each foot-over-bridge with escalator costs Rs 2.5 crore. If there had been scope for advertisements, they could have paid for themselves. The corporation is planning to put up a few “with our own money”, but for now, Chennai pedestrians will have to cut the traffic to cross over.

Mr Lakhoni pointed out that the corporation’s budget had doubled in the last two years, to around Rs 1,600 crore for 2008-09. It got Rs 600 crore from taxes and another Rs 400 crore from the State Government as its share of tax collections. Another Rs 150 crore came from measures such as the charges on bus shelter advertisements. The rest came from the Union Government under the ‘Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission’ scheme.

Mr Lakhoni expects the budget for 2009-10 to be around the same level as the current year.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 03 June 2009 07:46

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